Description of Classes

Yoga is a Powerful Vehicle for Change

Yoga is a Powerful Vehicle for Change



Breakfast Yoga:


breakfast-yogaBreakfast Yoga:

The morning practice has very important benefits, this is the reason why it is preferred by most instructors! It awakens the body and the energy harmoniously, resulting in a feeling of euphoria, self-concentration and tranquility throughout the day.

During this practice we welcome all the things that come whilst consciously setting our personal goals.

After a series of salutations and a dynamic flow of postures

(asanas) we strengthen our body, we open up, we awaken our energy and we wrap up our yoga class with meditation practices, which balance the fluctuations of the mind.

Suitable for all levels.

Alignment & Therapeutics:


hatha-alignmentAlignment & Therapeutics:

Most of us tend to have a bad body posture in our everyday lives, whether we are sitting, standing or walking. In the long term this bad posture converts into pain and energy blocking.

In this class our primary goal is the reversion of our body and its energy to their ideal alignment. With the teacher's detailed guidance and the help of props (straps, blocks, bolsters) we observe and become aware of what happens to our body and we restore ourselves both in the space around us and our lives!

Emphasis is put on  proper body alignment in conjunction with breathing.

A dynamic practice for all levels and ages and those who suffer from pain, trauma, and body tension.

During this practice the beginners will be introduced to the basic asanas, the basic yoga concept and the philosophy of yoga while more advanced students will have a new experience through each asana.

Essential for beginners and those who experience muscle aches and injuries.

Candlelight Flow:


Candlelight-Flow-yogaCandlelight Flow:

In a room illuminated by candles, full of sounds which help us travel we relax our gaze and shift it within! Great balance between dynamic practice and veritable relaxation.

Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Core:


yoga-coreYoga Core:

"Core" is the most centric or most important point of every thing/situation. In our practice we often neglect our core which either hypo- or hyper- functions causing stomachaches, intestinal pains, improper back alignment and also energy blockages that entail a bad relationship with the self and the others as well.

In this dynamic practice, the flow of the asanas begins and ends with the core (the abdominal area) which is a source of strength and confidence both muscularly and energetically.

We awaken, detox, strengthen and expand our core!

Suitable and essential for all levels and ages.

Align & Flow (Επίπεδο 1&2):


align-and-flow-yogaAlign & Flow (Level 1&2):

Practice full of flow, inspiration and strengthening. Breath and movement synchronise having as a main objective to dive within! Everything happens in consciousness and alignment. The constant movement from one pose to the next resembles the waves of the ocean that never stop.

Connecting to our breath, focusing on the present moment and opening to our true potential are the prerequisites in order to overcome and eventually abolish our limits on our yoga mat and off it!

Every practice is a trip to our inner magic.

Το Level 1 is suitable for everybody but mainly the beginners.

Το Level 2 is for advanced students.

Abhaya Yoga:


Abhaya-yogaAbhaya Yoga:

A practice inspired by our beloved teacher Vivi Letsou whose only desire was to push us over the limits of our fears. Ever since we are children we are taught to doubt ourselves, we are subjected to astringent criticism and compared to others, we limit our potential and our creativity. We set limits to our freedom.

Through this practice we aspire to shed light upon our inner strength and completeness so as to cast light and gradually dissociate ourselves from our fears. Strength, breathing, alignment, zest for playing on our little mat and off we go!!!

Suitable for everybody but mainly those who are somehow experienced with yoga.

Jai Yoga:


jai-yogaJai Yoga:

A conglomeration of different approaches to yoga that derived from personal experience. In Sanskrit the word jaya or jai means victory, triumph. It is the victory of the light over our darkness. The synchronization of certain breathing with repeated movements, singing and meditation within each pose, are the circumstances that rekindle our inner energy, our will and our fire!

The truth is that after such practice our reality becomes more free, more blissful! Try it !

Suitable for everybody but mainly those who are even slightly experienced with yoga.

Therapeutic Meditations:


awareness-yogaTherapeutic Meditations:

Time for awakening. Using different techniques, the results of which are apodictic, such as yoga nidra(yogic sleep), dynamic meditation and also guided meditation, we awaken our consciousness. Each lesson has its own unique structure and each experience provides the foundation for the enhancement of our awakening. You will be enchanted!

Suitable for everybody.

Prenatal Yoga:


prenatal-yoga-classesPrenatal Yoga:

This practice is essential for every pregnant woman. An act of welcoming the new life, of a personal rebirth! We are physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for motherhood, because as has been wisely said, during labour not only a child but also a mother is being born!

In physical level, yoga strengthens and opens the body helping it to embrace the changes it experiences throughout the pregnancy. It prepares the pelvic floor, the pelvis and the spine, dealing with all aches and discomforts simultaneously. In spiritual level, it furthers tranquility, clarity of mind and positive attitude towards everything.

Through the prism of yoga, pregnancy and motherhood are experienced as a dynamic balance between strength(male quality) and creative, doting love(female quality).

Enjoy your pregnancy as a powerful transforming experience!

Suitable for all trimesters following discussion.

Easy Yoga:


yoga-for-seniorsiEasy Yoga:

Over the years our body looses the ideal alignment it was born with. The muscles shrink, the flexibility decreases, whereas more often than not the energy centers function to a minimum due to perennial blocks and accumulated tension. These malfunctions can either cause muscular pain or diseases.

This practice is dedicated to people who want to rejuvenate their body muscularly and energetically while working mildly but steadily. People who do not allow themselves to get accustomed to pain and seek to enjoy every moment of their lives.

Using simple , therapeutic postures, which can be enjoyed by everyone, we awaken, strengthen and align our body freeing it from all the weight that accumulated over the years. Because everybody can savour the benefits of yoga!

Suitable for beginners.

Reiki class:


reikiReiki class:

This is a one-hour session, where the participants enjoy a reiki treatment while lying on their mats. Reiki constitutes a holistic energy technique that originates from Japan. The effects of reiki are beneficial, giving the participator a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, cognitive clarity, physical and mental health.

The therapist is becoming the conductor, the channel through which the universal energy is transferred to the participants. Let go and enjoy the experience.

Suitable for everybody.