George Kontis



George was born in 1981 and since he was young he practiced sport devoting many hours to training with various basketball teams. As a teenager he chose boxing and extreme sports as a way of relief and concentration. At the same time he started taking an interest in yoga. From an early age his gaze was focused on what could not be seen with the eyes while having a restless spirit and searching for inner peace and creativity.

The answer came through yoga practice, in which he is devoted for the past years. Having obtained his 200 hour Yoga-Alliance teacher training with Vivi Letsou as his teacher and inspirer in NYSY Studios he continues his training by attending seminars with teachers from around the world and he has completed more than 500 hours of training.

The Tantric philosophy and practice of the ideal alignment of Anusara yoga is the one he has followed and taught for many years, having full confidence in its therapeutic results in both the body and the mind. Having completed all the prerequisites, he is certified by the Board of Anusara as an Anusara Inspired teacher. Some of the seminars that have inspired his teaching are the 33-hour Bhakti Flow Teacher Training with Rusty Wells, Immersion I with Todd Tessen, Immersion II with Naime Jezzeny ,Immersion III with Sianna Sherman and Sue Elkind and Teacher Training with Desiree Rumbaugh.

On the path of his quest he dealt with other forms of holistic approaches of existence, adopting Usui Reiki therapy. He is 3rd degree Usui Reiki Ryoho Master, and he believes that all people can receive an abundance of universal energy and be very happy, just by opening their energy gates.

For the past years, filled with great devotion and love for what he does, he inspires through his teaching and at the same time he is being inspired. He is a member of "2014 Year of Yoga " whose main goal is to acquaint people with yoga.