Stavroula Kesoglou


kessoglou-stavroulaEver since she was little Stavroula has been seeking the miracle, what cannot be seen, cannot be articulated but exists. She studied Philosophy and continued with her postgraduate studies in Psychology.

During her university years she entered the paths of autognosis and self improvement. She worked on self-awareness, drama and miming, psychoanalysis, yoga and massage.

She has been a devoted yoga student since 2000 but she received the baptism of fire after her attending an NYSY Studios educational programme by her teacher and mentor Vivi Letsou. This is when her magical journey of teaching began, with her interest in inner strength and empowerment, love, offering and inner balance as her compass. She has attended and continues attending educational programmes with teachers from all over the world. Her teaching and practice was greatly influenced by her training in Bhakti Flow Yoga with Rusty Wells.

Her teaching is orientated towards a dynamic flow of poses in conjunction with body alignment and effortless, conscious breathing. We sweat out all our toxins, our obsessions and fears on our yoga mat.

At the same time she also trained in massage, and attended many seminars on different types of massaging, always having a holistic approach of life and being in touch with the body as a focal point.

What she chose to offer though, was ayurvedic massage.

Devoted to yoga and ayurvedic massage she wishes to help people experience all the wonders she herself discovers through her everyday practice.