Ellie Tzanetopoulou

Ellie Tzanetopoulou

ellie tzanetopoulou Ellie first came in touch with Yoga in 2008. While practicing Hatha, Astanga, Vinyassa, Jivamukti and Aerial Yoga she fell in love with it and decided to deepen her knowledge and practice by attending various seminars and workshops. After 5 years of systematic practice, she attended her first teacher training in Hatha, Vinyassa and Gentle Yoga.
Her teachers where Tanya Popovich, Jonni-Lyn Friel and Evangelos Apostolopoulos, teachers and co-owners of Swaha Yoga Studio.  In 2013 she attended her second teacher Training in Aerial Yoga with Tanya Popovich. Since, she has attended many more workshops and seminars by teachers from around the world, such as Todd Tessen, David Swenson, Daniela Fuentes and Almuth Kramer. Ellie teaches Restorative, Aerial, Hatha and Vinyassa Krama Yoga in studios around Athens. Her classes focus on the breath and alignment as well as core strengthening.

Yoga Education

  1.  07-08/2013 Hatha, Vinyassa & Restorative Yoga TTC, 300 ώρες, Παλαιοχώρα Κρήτης
  2.   09/2013 Hatha Yoga Workshop με τον Todd Tessen, Prana Yoga Studio, Αθήνα
  3.  10/2013 Jivamukti Yoga Workshop με την Daniela Fuentes, Swaha Yoga Center
  4. 11/2013 Aerial Yoga TTC, 80 ώρες, Swaha Yoga Center, Αθήνα
  5.  23-25/05/2015 Ashtanga Yoga Workshop με τον David Swenson, Αθήνα
  6.  06/2015 Vinyassa Yoga Workshop με τον Todd Tessen, Prana Yoga Studio, Αθήνα
  7.  17-21/10/2015 AcroYoga Lunar Immersion με τους Almuth Kramer & K. Karafoulidis, Στούντιο Χώρος, Αθήνα
  8.  ( Gentle Yoga, Therapeutic Flying & Thai Yoga Massage )

Teaching Experience

  • Prana Yoga Studio, Μαρούσι |Διδασκαλία Aerial, Restorative, Hatha και Vinyassa Υoga 
  • Yoga Halandri, Χαλάνδρι | Διδασκαλία Vinyassa, Hatha και Aerial Υoga
  • Wellness Studio, Ν Ν. . Ερυθραία | Διδασκαλία Gentle/Restorative και Vinyassa Υoga
  • Zen Me, Κολωνάκι | Διδασκαλία Vinyassa Υoga - Workout Experience - Διδασκαλία Vinyassa Yoga