Constantina Barla

Constantina Barla Βιο

konstantina barlaKonstantina Barla, was born in Athens,Greece. She studied Business Administration at the Technological School of Piraeus, which provided her with the knowledge that helped her financially to carry on her spiritual quest. She began training in various systems such as Reiki, Silva Method, and later she finally managed to touch her big dream, Shiatsu.

She started her training in 2003 at the European School of Shiatsu (EIOM). After finishing her training courses, she started working at the same school as a teacher assistant and later she completed her teacher training. She has participated in many seminars with famous teachers of shiatsu like Ohashi, Clifford Andrews, George Dellar, Gabriella Poli and others.

She’s also been educated and trained in other areas of holistic healing such as Rejuvance (natural facelifting), Ayurveda full body massage, Ayurveda Face and Head massage, Vasti, Moxa, Chinese Medicine, Face and Body Cupping, On-site Massage, Sotai, Rebirthing, Yoga (200hours Anusara), Aura Soma Beamer, Aura Soma Practitioner (2nd level), Shamanic Healing (Medicine Wheel), Auriculotherapy, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Fascia Shiatsu, Water Shiatsu (Watsu).

Her opinion on holistic treatments can be sumarised in this: "Every person is different and unique, and we have to respect his identity and his presence in space. His treatment as a whole, gives us clear evidence of his progress and evolution in the now, and how we can "dissolve" the small obstacles that appear in front of him. .. little things compared to the greatness of his soul and the beauty that he has to offer to his companions, to the planet, but also to himself. It is enough to know how to illuminate one’s path, not for any other reason but just to make it clear that the choices that each of us will make are the ones we truly want. "

Konstantina, continues her pursuit of knowledge, while she offers it through her sessions with great dedication and love.