Reiki therapeutic touch

Reiki therapeutic touch



Reiki is an alternative holistic therapy method originating from Japan. Dr Usui Mikao founded reiki in the 19th century.

The word reiki means " universal life force energy ". It is the life-giving energy the universe presents us with. This energy that cures every blockage, flows through the palms of the reiki practitioner who channels this energy into the healee.

Through reiki we manage to balance the energy in all the centres of the body, unblock the chakras and detoxify the body at a cellular level. In general the healee receives from the universe everything he or she needs at that time through the therapist.

Taking into account that we, everything and everyone is energy, we see that the source of all human suffering is the energy unbalance. When me get carried away by the universal flow, when we fully surrender to its wisdom, then no obstacle, no pain, no misery is capable of defeating us.

Reiki therapy lasts an hour and is performed on the entire body. The only thing the healee needs to do is surrender to the healing, relaxing touch on their body. After the therapy session the individual is filled with joy and optimism and has a detoxified, clear body and a quiet mind.

Come to the magical world of reiki with faith and feel the flowing universal energy in every cell of your body!